About us

MyCity Real Estate

MyCity Real Estate is  Duna House Holding Plc. project. Duna House Holding a key player of the East-Central European property market. The Company is carrying out residential property developments exploiting its 20 years of business and professional experience under MyCity Real Estate brand. In addition to building modern homes, it aims to become a noted stakeholder on the investment market in the short term.

The Holding currently manages 3 residential park projects in Budapest’s 2 districts, involving over 300 new flats. MyCity Real Estate values the potential in the Hungarian property market, and keeps looking for new development opportunities.

Duna House Holding

In Hungary DHH is the owner of the most widely known real estate and loan brokerage agencies*, while In Poland it is the owner of the biggest franchise based one. 

With regard to the number of offices it operates the highest number of real estate agency offices in Hungary and Poland and holds a leading position on the market of property related financial and other services.

Duna House through its real estate agencies, provides a comprehensive range of services connected to the real estate transactions. Thereby it supports customers through the entire sales process and is able to generate income from different areas of the real estate market. 

Duna House’s strategic goal is to become a dominant regional player on the real estate and additional services market.

The activities of Duna House Group cover five segments: franchise, self-owned real estate agency management, financial product brokerage, real estate investments, sales of real estate related services.


* based on both spontaneous and aided brand awareness, February 2016, population age group: 18-59, representative survey carried out by NRC.